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Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

AL MAWARID provides its customers with various technologies and customized configurations for the treatment plants to best fit their application.

Based on the quality of treated water required (depending on purpose of reuse) various technologies like MBR-Membrane Bioreactor, MBBR-Moving Bed Bio Reactor, SBR-Sequential Batch Reactor etc are adopted.

In case of smaller systems AL MAWARID provides its customized pre-fabricated series of waste water treatment units- ModEST Series  of sewage treatment plants. ModEST series is available from 10m3/day capacity up to 500m3/day. These are portable units are can be easily be relocated to other locations as required and can be installed in virtually any location/Terrain. Depending on customers preferences ModEST series is available either in FRP construction or Mild Steel Tanks.

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