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Seawater  Reverse Osmosis Systems

Designed to convert seawater to potable water, desalination systems use high quality reverse osmosis seawater membranes. The process separates dissolved salts by only allowing pure water to pass through the membrane fabric.

System Capacities

AL MAWARID desalination systems are designed to provide high through-put water with minimum power consumption. These efficient models have capacities from 380 to 500,000 GPD. Larger systems can be custom designed and manufactured.

Key Features

  • Energy recovery units on 64,000 GPD or greater
  • Non-metalic cartridge filter housing
  • Duplex SS 2205, multi-stage HP pump
  • Duplex SS 2205 high pressure piping
  • VFD adjustable soft start
  • Safety shutdown valves and switches
  • Corrosion resistant instrumentation
  • PLC/HMI Controlled User Interface
  • Digital or Analog Flow and Quality Sensors
  • High rejection TFC spiral wound membranes.

Advanced Technologies

These systems use proven technologies resulting in reliable performance and efficient operation. AL MAWARID has many years of experience in commercial and industrial RO system engineering, and is capable of custom engineering systems to meet specialized water treatment applications.

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