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Containerized Water Treatment Systems

AL MAWARID has the ability to engineer any of our water treatment systems in a containerized version with various configurations for most applications. Containerization of a water treatment plant includes the container and complete installation of all components.

Standard Features

  • 20 or 40 ft standard shipping container
  • Centralized external connections
  • Interconnecting piping and wiring 460V/3Ph/50Hz power supply
  • Pretreatment mounting and plumbing
  • Centralized control panels
  • Operations and maintenance manuals

Drinking water purification

Such systems typically include a number of steps:

  • a sediment filter to trap particles, including rust and calcium carbonate
  • optionally, a second sediment filter with smaller pores
  • an activated carbon filter to trap organic chemicals and chlorine, which will attack and degrade thin film composite membrane reverse osmosis membranes
  • a reverse osmosis (RO) filter, which is a thin film composite membrane (TFM or TFC)
  • optionally, a second carbon filter to capture those chemicals not removed by the RO membrane
  • optionally an ultraviolet lamp for sterilizing any microbes that may escape filtering by the reverse osmosis membrane

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